Rob & Tina Campbell


Rob Campbell is a 4th generation San Franciscan. After growing up in San Francisco and nearby Daly City, Rob decided to travel a great distance for college---30 miles!---ending up at San Jose State University’s Jazz Studies program. He graduated with a BA in Jazz Studies and a master’s degree in saxophone performance. It was here that he met his future wife, Tina.

Tina was born in Oregon and her parents moved to the San Jose area when she was a baby. Tina grew up in San Jose and showed a passion for music from an early age. During high school, Tina started studying privately with Isabelle Chapuis-Starr; this led her to San Jose State University where she majored in music, graduating with a BA in flute performance. To help support herself through college, Tina applied for a part-time ‘college job’ at Wells Fargo Bank. That was in 1990 and what started as a college job turned into a career. Today Tina continues to work for Wells Fargo in corporate communications.

During Rob’s master’s degree studies, he discovered that a professional musician’s income would not easily support living in San Francisco. Recognizing that, he put his computer skills to good use while completing his master’s degree by working at Hewlett-Packard, Apple, and ultimately, Digidesign (now a part of Avid Technologies) in the early 1990s. Rob worked his way up the company over the next ten years, eventually becoming the Hardware Product Manager of digital audio workstations. He left product design and became a consultant for Avid’s worldwide training organization as an author, lecturer and Master Trainer. After enough global hopping, Rob decided to stay home in San Francisco and help run the pre-eminent post-production audio facility, One Union Recording, as the Operations Director. It was during this time that Rob took over management and operations of Story Winery. 

Rob likes to say he first met his future in-laws at their house on a fateful night after they returned from a winemaker’s dinner at Mirassou Winery in San Jose in 1991. Needless to say, their common interest in wine was apparent from their first encounter. While Rob was dating Tina, her parents, Bruce and Jan Tichenor, bought Story Winery from Ann Story-Ousley. Rob and Tina were actively involved in all aspects of the winery business for the first ten years of their marriage until they decided to have kids and devote themselves to their careers.

Rob and Tina now reside in nearby El Dorado Hills with their three sons, Ethan, Miles, and Chase.