Bruce & Jan Tichenor

President/Vice-President - Retired

Story Winery was purchased from Ann Story-Ousley in 1992 by Bruce and Jan Tichenor. Both Bruce and Jan were pharmacists at Longs Drugs in the Bay Area. They both shared a passion for wine and were active in local wine groups.

During a visit to Story Vineyards in 1991, they happened to meet Ann working in the tasting room. A friend flippantly suggested that Story would be a good winery to buy to which Ann said, “It is for sale.” Four months later, they purchased the winery operation.

Bruce is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. He attended St. Louis College of Pharmacy and came to Northern California in 1969 where he was a practicing pharmacist for 23 years before purchasing the winery.

Jan is originally from Merrill, Oregon. She attended Oregon State University College of Pharmacy and moved to California in 1970 where she was a practicing pharmacist for 22 years before assuming ownership of the winery. Jan still holds her pharmacy license.

Bruce and Jan spent the next 22 years building the business and reputation of Story Winery producing some of the finest Zinfandels Amador county had seen. Bruce served on the Board of Directors for the Amador Vintner’s Association as well as ZAP in the early and mid 1990’s.

Bruce and Jan decided to retire in 2013 and now reside in the Bay Area.