Rememberance and Embrace

Dear Friends,

It’s the time of year we watch the vines slip into a deep sleep. This winter will be interesting to see if El Niño finally brings the big rains we’ve all been hoping for. With our hilltop location, our dry farming techniques, minimal tilling, and cover crops we planted in October, we say “bring it on” as very little erosion has happened in our vineyards since 1894.

Our new 2015 vintage wine is starting to hibernate as well. But before we ‘put them to sleep’ we dose each barrel with a small amount of sulfur dioxide (SO2, also known as KMBS [potassium metabisulfite]) to prevent unfriendly bacteria or other microbials from producing nasty bi-products during the wine’s deep sleep. Although there is some exciting new research into sulfur replacements like Resveratrol, sulfur is a tried and true antioxidant method of preserving color as well as an antimicrobial and it’s a naturally occurring compound.

Speaking of the 2015 vintage, our Futures will soon be available. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you with tasting what we believe to be a unique vintage. A case purchased at a reasonable price now will pay off in the future - often resulting in a 50% or more savings to you.

We look forward to what 2016 has to offer. After spending the last three years working hard to improve all aspects of our winemaking program, we finally have a full line up in the tasting room that shows how far we’ve come and how we have added to the Story legacy. We hope you can join us soon to toast the past and the future with some of Amador’s best offerings. Cheers!

Happy Holidays!

The Story Winery Family