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Our Team

Story Winery has been a family owned and operated winery since 1973. Founded by Eugene and Ann Story, the winery was sold in 1992 to Jan and Bruce Tichenor. However since August of 2019 Story has new owners, David and Natalie Dediashvili. David and Natalie came from country of Georgia to the Bay Area also in 1992 and after 28 years decided to get back to their Georgian roots of winemaking and now they oversee the winery and its amazing staff. David plans to bring 8 thousand year old Georgian winemaking technology to Amador Co and we are all extremely excited and can’t wait to try our new wines made in huge clay vessels called Qvevri

Rob Campbell

Rob oversees all wine production and farming. In our humbled opinion he is one of the best winemakers that shall make Napa and Sonoma wineries very jealous